Gestão de Marcas

ESTRATégias de sucesso, ampliação de mercado


FASHION MASTER has commercial managers for each product line, creating differences and managing the right teams for each brand. We have expertise in building teams targeted to various segments such as footwear, clothing, glasses, accessories in general and others.

The success lies in identifying the right partners to develop the fieldwork, with qualified representatives to the point of developing merchandising and store organization consulting. We follow the sell-out of the products, and understand the need of each shopkeeper, be it small, medium or large.

We create internal actions and campaigns, whether they are inventive sales for the shopkeeper's teams or training, about the brand and its respective products. A well-educated salesperson can leverage sales to great powers.


The manufacturing process is the heart of the product, once built properly, the opportunity to offer the consumer the brand, the maximum quality. We create and monitor product development from research, technical drawings, prototypes and production.

The follow up of the total chain, it is important to be assertive, we at FASHION MASTER understand and for this reason we have a team with extensive national and international experience.

We work with all import and export channels, whether for brands or products.